Our story.

Building software for robots is way harder than it should be. We're here to change that.
We're at an exciting time in robotics.

The need for robotics has been made abundantly clear to anyone watching. We'll need robots to solve some of the biggest problems we face - falling productivity rates, increasing labour shortages, an ageing population, demanding consumer behaviours, sustainable food production - the list goes on. Companies are adopting them at record rates, there is a frenzy of VC activity, demand is high, the future looks bright.

You'd think with all this activity building robots would be getting a lot easier, but no, building robots is still very hard and very expensive. ROS and other projects have done wonders for developing the software that runs onboard robots. But as anyone who's built a robotics company before will tell you, that's not nearly enough.

It takes a lot of cloud infrastructure to support a fleet of robots - you have to remotely update their software, collect data on their performance, send commands to them, control them in real-time, track their activity - and a tonne more. You have to build about as much software not on the robot as you do on your robots. All this takes time, which slows us down. Not only that, but a lot of these problems are common across companies and the same solutions are being built time again and time again.

Airbotics was founded in 2022 to solve the problem of deploying software to robots. With Airbotics, you can connect your GitHub on one side, connect your robots on the other, and have a secure, easy-to-use control plane anyone on the team can use in the middle to decide what software should be deployed to what robots and when.

This means you can stop working so much on infra - and get back to your robots.
meet the team

Meet the folks building Airbotics

Andrew Murtagh
Andrew Murtagh
Co-founder, CEO
Robbie Fryers
Robbie Fryers
Co-founder, CTO